Welcome to the World of GOYA® Olive Oils

Welcome to the World of GOYA® Olive Oils

Presenting the award-winning line of GOYA® Olive Oils! Come follow us as we take a tour of our tasty, 100% Spanish-origin oils. Discover their history, multiple uses, and awards for their high quality and superb taste, including more than 40 international honors and the ChefsBest® Excellence Award* that certifies their great quality.


Olive Oil Badges


*The ChefsBest® Excellence Award is awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs.


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Different Oils for Different Uses

Discover GOYA® Olive Oils and their different uses, as well as their varied shades and flavors, from the smooth Extra Light to the intense Extra Virgin. Get inspired exploring the uses for each variety and create all kinds of dishes using each, like a tasty and simple dressing, or as the key ingredient in countless recipes. Try them today!

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    Dipping & Drizzling
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    Marinating & Dressing
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    Sautéing & Roasting
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Great For Dipping & Drizzling

Great For Marinating & Dressing

Great For Grilling

Great For Baking

Great For Sautéing & Roasting

Great For Frying

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Try Them When Making Tasty Recipes!

It all starts with a dash of olive oil! We invite you to prepare a variety of tasty recipes with the extensive line of high-quality GOYA® Olive Oils. Find easy and delicious recipes here and get inspired to prepare everything from fabulous appetizers and main dishes to snacks or tapas, Spain’s favorites. Pick your favorite GOYA® Olive Oil and get ready to create tasty delights in the kitchen.

Grilling with GOYA® Olive Oil

Spanish Classics Tapas, Sides and More!

History Gallery
Prudencio Unanue


Goya® Olive Oils: A Great Tradition

Recognized in the Mediterranean countries as one of life’s elixirs, olive oil has a central place in the modern pantry. GOYA® Olive Oils are authentic, of exclusive Spanish origin, and crafted to perfection.


From day one, GOYA® Olive Oil has been an integral ingredient in our company. When it comes to our production process, our team still applies the same strategy and formula that our founder Don Prudencio Unanue used, which is based not only on quality first, but also on the value of creating products with love and passion.


The Founding of Our Brand

Goya Foods opened its doors in 1936 in New York City when Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife, Carolina, immigrants from Spain, started to sell authentic and high-quality Spanish food essentials, including popular sardines, olives, and tasty olive oil to local Hispanic families.


Goya Spain Opens Its Doors

In 1974, to satisfy the great demand of the American market, Goya Spain started operations in Alcalá de Guadaíra in Seville, establishing our first olive oil processing and packing plant.


The Expansion of Goya®

Through the years, our company has steadily kept growing, expanding its capabilities to meet the ever-growing global demand. In 1985, the company did a big expansion with a new olive processing factory, improving its olive processing and filling machinery. Then, in 1998 came another big renovation, and since then Goya Spain has become a first-class modern industrial complex, a sophisticated industry model, specialized in olive and olive oil processing and packing.


Goya® Today

GOYA® Olive Oils are consumed daily in thousands of homes in more than 20 countries, like the United States, China, Japan, Mexico, and others. Presently, we keep one of the highest quality standards in the industry, from production to tasting and sampling, because we have the best team with the experience to select the best oils.


Besides quality, we ensure the consistency of each of our oils. Year after year, we go through more than 200,000 samples, and in the end, we only select less than 100 to create the specific mix of GOYA® Olive Oils.

History Gallery
Prudencio Unanue
Finest Quality


The Best Quality

Your home only gets the finest. GOYA® Olive Oil quality is high and consistent. Its excellence has been internationally recognized in tasting competitions in the United States, Italy, France, Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia, Argentina, Israel, China, and Japan. They have won more than 200 international awards and 100 gold medals, making us one of the most awarded olive oil companies in the world.


ChefsBest Award

ChefsBest Award

The ChefsBest® Excellence Award is awarded to those brands who exceed the quality standards set by independent professional chefs. This American award certifies and highlights high-quality products in the market. GOYA® Olive Oils have won this quality award since 2014 to the present.




The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) has also awarded us with their seal of approval. This high-quality award is the only certification that takes samples from different retail outlets and verifies if they have the purity parameters established by the International Olive Council (IOC), the authority that establishes the quality standards for the olive oil industry at the global level.


Foods From Spain

Olive Oil From Spain

Spain is a world leader in the production and export of olive oil. We are proud that our oils are 100% from Andalucía, Spain, and that we never mix them with oils from other countries. We press our olives at the right moment, just before they change color, to preserve their great flavor and benefits. We have the latest in technology and modern processes to produce oils of the highest quality, in addition to a team of experts who carefully pick the olives when they’re just right.


Awards and Recognitions Icon

Awards and Recognitions

We feel proud that our brand has been awarded, approved, and recognized with more than 200 international honors. Here are some of the awards and recognitions that certify our great quality in olive oils.

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